Air Compressor Series

Air compressors are one of the safest and most convenient options for using air as a resource, as opposed to other renewable resources such as coal and electricity. They are widely used with material handling, machine tools, and separation equipment. Europahilt provides an extensive range of powerful and efficient air compressors in Malaysia starting from Direct driven compressor to belt-driven compressor.

Direct Driven compressors are very efficient, as they use less power. They are usually used for simple tasks. In direct driven compressors, the motor is directly connected to the compressor crankshaft whereas in belt-driven compressor belt connects the motor to the compressor pump. Belt driven compressors are usually used in workshops. The choice of air compressor depends on several factors such as usage, size, air pressure, and horsepower, etc. of Air compressor.

Europahilt provides superior quality and great customer support to its customers by providing a dedicated team of professionals for consultancy, inquiries or issues. It also provides international shipping over 50 countries and free returns in case of any default in product. If you are looking to buy the most reliable air compressor in Malaysia, Europahilt should be your first choice.

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