Cordless 12V Series

Cordless drills are one of the most prevalent tools for making round holes or driving fasteners. As a pioneer in the distribution of outdoor power and industrial equipment supply in Malaysia, Europahilt provides more efficient, powerful and best cordless drills in Malaysia. Cordless 12v series is an entire range of cordless products of E12 series. Cordless 12V series range provides the best voltage, high speed, and higher revolution per minute to deliver the best results to customers. They are not limited by cord, they can be used almost everywhere. They have improved battery life and provide better performance as compared to other cordless drills.

Europahilt believes in providing superior quality and value by developing mutually beneficial relationships and pioneering the latest technology. Cordless 12V series is one of the best examples of it. They have low maintenance and easy to carry. Their portable natures make them convenient and user friendly.

In short, cordless 12v series is one of the best choices if you are looking to buy the most reliable Cordless product in Malaysia, Europahilt should be your first choice.

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