Power Tools Series

Power tools are most modern and technology driven industrial equipment used for purpose of construction, cutting, demolition and grinding. Europahilt is pioneer in distribution outdoor power and industrial equipment distribution in Malaysia. Power tools are one of the best series that company has ever launched.

Power tools comprise of demolition hammer, sanding machines, cutting machine, angle grinder and sander. All these industrial equipment’s are made up of genuine raw material and upmost quality. Demolition hammers, as the name suggests are one of the powerful yet effective tools to break any thick substance, be it a large wall, think floor or any bulky substance. Sanding Machines are used to smoothen the surfaces of any object through sandpaper or scraping. Cutting machines are used excessive for the cutting of metal and concrete objects. Angel grinders are mainly used for finishing the grinding process in constructing furniture, materials and other raw material.

Europahilt believes in creating superior value for its customer by empowering latest technology.  If you’ve been considering power tools, now is the right time to consider your options and choose one that fits your budget and needs.

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