Heavy Duty Demolition Hammer

The name says it all; this is a huge hammer that is used mostly for hacking large objects in construction sites such as walls, floors, or knocking down other parts of the building. Europa hilt heavy duty hammer is a great quality construction product known for its high speed, which helps in the fast and thorough work.

Demolition takes a lot of force, and it is imperative that you have a firm grip on the handle with anti-vibration; otherwise, you might cause a serious accident. The handle could cause blisters and cuts if it is not well designed.

For this reason, the Europa HILT heavy duty demolition hammer has a handle that offers a good tight grip so that the hammer does not slip. It also has strong flanges which enable it to work better and more smoothly, therefore, last longer.

The head is made out of high-quality steel that has been well heat-treated for hardness to ensure that it does not rust. It will last longer, and it will be destructive if well-kept and correctly used. Needless to say, if it is misused or stored in wet areas, it will rust, and the haft might get waterlogged and rot, which will cause the hammer to break apart.

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