E10-HD Electric Drill (High Torque)


– 10mm chuck
– No load speed: 0-3000R/MIN
– Ergonomic handle design for superior handling
– New designed high torque for heavy-duty driving and drilling
– Suitable for aluminum alloy tapping and hardwood drilling

Rated Voltage/Frequency: 240V/50Hz
Rated Input Power: 450W
No-load Speed: 0-1300r/min
Drill Diameter: Wood 25mm, Steel 10mm
Weight: 1.2kg


This is a high torque electric drill that was designed to handle the toughest of driving and drilling jobs. It was built to withstand and produce a tremendous amount of power, which is necessary when you are drilling. This drill has a new design that enables it to withstand high torque, and it is, therefore, good for heavy-duty drilling.  Specifically, it was made suitable for aluminum alloy tapping and for drilling hardwood.

The drill head is capable of making 10mm chucks, which will make your drilling go faster. It has a speed of 0-1300R/M when it is not loaded. It has a rated voltage of 240V and a frequency of 50Hz. It has a speed control feature on the handle, depending on how difficult the work is.

The Europa HILT high torque electric drill has an ergonomic handle design, which allows for a good grip and superior handling. It weighs only 1.2 Kg, and it will therefore not cause you too much fatigue when you are using it.

With a rated input of 450W, it is able to make a drill diameter of 25mm on wood and 10mm on steel. This is a drill that will work well in any construction project, and you should get one if you are in need of a drill.

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