E20HD Cordless Hammer Drill


Voltage: 20V (Li-ion)
No-load Speed: 0-440RPM / 0-1650RPM
Impact Rate: 0-7040BPM / 0-26400BPM
Max. Torque: 50NM
Torque Setting: 20+1+1
Chuck: 2-13mm keyless chuck
Charging Time: 1 hour


Europa HILT Drills are among the most irreplaceable tools in the building industry, and you must have a drill when you are going into a major construction project.

The Europa HILT E2OHD cordless hammer drill Malaysia will be sure to serve you well, and it offers you freedom from the restraint of being attached to a cord.

When it comes to power, the cordless hammer drill draws its power from a 20V Lithium-ion battery that comes with a charger, which will allow you to charge the drill in an hour fully. This battery is well capable of providing the power you need in drilling through any construction surface.

When the drill is not loaded, it moves the head at a speed of between 0-440RPM or 0-1650RPM depending on the setting selected by the user, which will depend on the terrain involved. The cordless hammer drill Malaysia has an impact rate of between 0-7040BPM and 0-26400BPM, which will be selected by the user depending on the toughness of the terrain.

The drill can withstand a maximum torque of 50NM so that it can do most of the work on a construction site. The torque setting ranges from 20+1+1, so the user can alter it to meet specific needs. The drill head chucks in the range of 2-13mm.

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