E20ID Cordless Impact Driver




Voltage: 20V (Li-ion)
Speed Setting:
No-load Speed: 0-2800RPM
Impact Rate: 0-3600BPM
Max. Torque: 180NM
Shaft: ¼” hex
Charging Time: 1 hour


An impact driver is a tool that will come in when you need to deliver strong sudden rotational force, such as loosening large screws or those that are frozen or rusty. The Europa HILT E20ID Impact driver Malaysia would be the best impact driver for you because of its well thought out designs and amazing features.

The Europa HILT E20ID cordless impact driver Malaysia has a 20V lithium-ion battery that comes with a fast charger, and it will therefore be fully charged within an hour. It has a LED battery capacity indicator on the battery pack to show you when you are running low on power.

When it is not loaded, it moves at a speed of 0-2800RPM and an impact rate, which will ensure it will tighten or loosen any bolt in a matter of seconds, which will ensure that your work moves along quickly. When it comes to torque, this impact driver can produce a maximum torque of 180NM; therefore, it can handle any screw in your construction.

The driver’s Shaft is ¼” and hexagonal in shape to make it more flexible in operation. This drill is of high quality and was built for heavy-duty jobs; therefore, it will work well and last longer without needing repairs.


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