E20IW Cordless Impact Wrench


Voltage: 20V (Li-ion)
Speed Setting:
No-load Speed: 0-2800RPM
Impact Rate: 0-3600BPM
Max. Torque: 250NM
Shaft: ½” square head
Charging Time: 1 hour


Europa HILT Impact wrenches are of great importance when it comes to tying up and loosening screws on a construction site. The Europa HILT is specifically impressive due to its power and adaptability. This wrench’s Shaft has a ½” square head, which will fit into most bolts and nuts; therefore, you can use it in a wider application.

When the cordless impact wrench Malaysia is not loaded, it moves the square head at a speed of 0 -2800RPM, which will be in a position to provide you with enough pressure. The wrench has an impact rate of between 0-3600BPM, which will work fast when used in any construction site, and it will tighten most of the bolts quickly.

This cordless impact wrench Malaysia has a maximum torque of 250NM. This is an optimal limit to ensure that the bolts are really tight, but they do not snap or break parts of the construction due to too much pressure. It will be able to loosen any lug nuts or large bolts with thus high rotational torque.

cordless impact wrench Malaysia has a 20V Lithium-ion battery with a charger that will fully charge the impact wrench in 1 hour. This battery will ensure that you don’t need a cord when you are working as the battery is well capable of handling the power supply after charging.

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