EBL20CS Cordless Circular Saw (Brushless)


Brushless Series

Voltage: 20V
No-load Speed: 0-4200RPM
Blade Size: 165x20x1.6mm
Cutting Capacity: 51mm at 90° | 37mm at 45°
Motor: 48 brushless motor
Charging Time: 1 hour
LED work light or laser guide


This is a powerful cordless circular saw (brushless) that offers you. This makes it very suitable as an all-round saw in the workshop. It works just as well at cutting and splitting boards for building your decking as for carrying out more polished work such as building a kitchen or sawing door leaves. It is equipped with an LED work light, which will help you work in dark places without needing lights or a torch. It also has a laser guide to ensure you make exact cuts, which will make your work better and more appealing.

The Europa HILT EBL20CS is a circular saw Malaysia has a 20V lithium-ion battery that comes with a fast charger, and it will be fully charged within an hour. It has a LED battery capacity indicator on the battery pack to show you when you are running low on power.

The cordless circular saw blade is 165 x 20 x 1.6mm, and it has tool-free cutting depth adjustment. It cuts to a depth of 55mm at 900 and 41mm at 450. The blade rotates at a speed of 4200 RPM, which will help you cut through most of the construction raw materials.

This cordless circular saw has an ergonomic handle, which offers a good grip to ensure there are no accidents while you work. The blade is guarded to prevent the blade from injuring the user. The guard also keeps shrapnel and sawdust away from your eyes.

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