EHG1800 Heat Gun 2000W


Rated Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz
Rated Power Input: 2000W
Type Of Header: Mica
Weight: 1kg
Temperature & Air Flow
– Setting I: 50°-450° 250L/Min
– Setting II: 50°-600° 500L/Min


The heat gun Malaysia is a high-quality product from Europa HILT that is well designed to work effectively and last long.  It has superior feature and buying it would be a decision you will not regret.

This is a heat gun product with a Voltage rating of 240V and it can withstand an input power of 2,000W. It has two settings for altering the temperature; setting 1: 50℃ -450℃ / 250L/min setting 2: 50℃ -600℃ / 500L/min. Machine have a weight of 1Kg so it is easy to carry.

A heat gun is a much underrated tool. They are incredibly versatile and can speed up a project no end, especially if you get a good one with all the correct nozzles that you might need.

What’s a Heat Gun Used for?

1. Paint Stripping

2. Removing Old Wallpaper

3. Heat Shrink Plastic Tubing

4. Shrink Wrapping

5. Plastic and tarpaulin welding

6. Soften Glues and Adhesives

 And more ..