EX7-Pro Chainsaw 3.4KW


– Powerful Engine with Walbro Original Carburetor
– High performance
– Auto Brake
– Auto Oil Supply System
– Quite and safety



Chainsaws are very handy when it comes to cutting of wood and other softer materials in the construction site, and it will make the work go a lot faster than a normal handheld saw would; and the selection of a chainsaw is a very important aspect.

Chainsaws need the power to go through any kind of wood you are cutting, and therefore the Europa Hilt EX7-Pro chainsaw is a product from professional chainsaw supplies Malaysia and it has a powerful engine with Walbro Original Carburetor, which will allow you to easily start the engine, and the engine will rotate the saw to make quick work of any wood.

The saw is built with high-quality raw materials, which will ensure that the saw does not break down while incorrect use. They also ensure high performance during operation, and therefore this is a saw you will not regret getting. The Europa HILT Chainsaw was designed to be quiet, and it has guards to keep the user safe from the sawdust, and the chain saw itself.

It has an auto-brake feature for when there is no load on the chain saw; therefore, it will save you on power wastage, cutting your fuel expenses. To keep all the parts well lubricated for seamless working, the chainsaw has an automatic oil supply system; therefore, the saw and components will not get rusty or worn out.

Carburetor: Walbro (Original)
Cylinder Displacement: Ceramic 45.2mm
No-load Speed: 7500RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.31 litre
Engine: 2 Stroke
Maxid Fuel Ratio: 25:1
Weight: 5kg

For product’s video : https://youtu.be/ump071fEaIo

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