Heavy 2400 Cut Off Machine


* Large spark guard

* Quick release vice

* Carry handle for easy transport

* Chain locking device

* Double insulation

For product’s video : https://youtu.be/UC6ikno8tJo


This cut off machine with 355MM (14″) blade for more cutting capacity good reputation for pipe and angle iron cut-off work therefore, there are bound to be many sparks, which could be very dangerous. For this reason, the Europa HILT heavy 2400 cut off machine Malaysia has a large spark guard to prevent the Spark Guard for operator’s safety.

This cut off machine also has a quick-release vice. This means that the vice jaws can be opened with one simple movement; this will save you a lot of time rather than unwinding the vice, which will be tiresome and exhausting.

This cut off machine Malaysia has a carry handle, which makes it very easy to move around; in addition, it weighs around 15.7 kg, and therefore it becomes more remote and independent of the cord. The handles are ergonomic to give a good grip, just like the vices hold the metal tight to ensure precise cuts and prevent accidents.

This machine is meant for heavy-duty cutting, and it will almost literally cut through anything. The quality is impeccable, and it will last longer if it is used correctly. In case it breaks down within the first six months, then the warranty will cover it.

Model : Heavy 2400

Watt : 2400w

Wheel Diameter : 355mm

Hole Diameter : 25.4mm

No-load Speed : 3,900RPM

Dimension (L x W x H) : 500mm x 280mm x 620mm

Net Weight : 15.7kg

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